Friday, August 29, 2008

cowardly disgusting blogs!

It is hard to believe that we have people in our community who will poke fun at and make disgustingly crude remarks about someone who is watching a loved one fight for their lives.
Sadly such is the case.
My good friend and fellow broadcaster Steve Madely continues to have ignorant, tasteless and cowardly remarks directed at him from several bloggers, despite the fact everyone now knows his wife is gravely ill. As usual in situations such as this those making the remarks have neither the courage or the integrity to sign their names. Classless cowards who apparently would think nothing of poking fun at a suffering or dieing child.
Steve Madely has been around long enough to know that there are always the ignorant fools prepared to shoot him in the back from the dark, but such may not be the case with other members of his family, who not only have to deal with the fact their mother is ill, but also even as the father tries to do his job terrible things are being said and written about him. Things which have no basis in fact whatsoever. It is a shameful display of ignorance and cruelty.
My name is one I am proud to sign
Lowell Green


djxtreme said...

Sadly, there are people with no conscience or morals.

Jim said...

I offer my sympathies to Steve and his family. I to have gone through a similar experience. My advice would be to read all of the blogs - those that are supportive, as well as those that are not. As I found out from personal experience, the reading of unflattering messages, after a short while, turned my anger into pity for people who would have so little in their lives. If they were not writing ignorant comments about someone else's wife and mother, they would be doing something equally offensive to someone else. Take strength from the support that is offered, and ignore the rest. The support is what is needed, and the support is what will be remembered. God Bless. Jim Pickard.

Deneb said...

Lowell, indeed, too many in the blogosphere cower behind the cloak of anonymity. These are the same politically-correct-speaking folks who obfuscate their messages in the light of day.

Mr. Madely is one of those rare and real media people who tells it like it is, without prejudice or craven "PC speak".

Bless you Steve and our prayers are with you and your family.

Peter Bradley

mars673 said...

I have a hard time to believe there is such people out there. I feel pity for them. Thank God most of us aren't as ruthless as those making such comments.

Congratulations on your blog. I'll be checking it daily. said...

I also cower behind the moderate anonymity of the internet on my blog. I say moderate because a good net hacker can always find you and I say cower because my blog is conservative and unabashedly western, secular and promotes values not in accordance with Islamic 7th century ones and therefore like Theo Van gogh and many others I am in real danger for promoting Canadian values to Canadians.
I however have written many times on the courage accuracy and importance of Lowell Green and Steve Madely. Remember, freedom of speech means there will be lots of it you do not like. There will also be lots you do, and you are free to use it as well.
Hopefully I can continue my pro Canadian values blog for a while longer before the Canadian Human Rights commissions shut me down or Islamics furious at my exposing their own leaders speaking about their own ambitions towards the west do me harm.
Steve my heartfelt best wishes to you and your family

momeelicious said...

This is my first experience on a blog. It doesn't surprise me how unkind people can be. These people attack the person instead of the topic because that is their only line of defense. I take pleasure from the posts you have received so far.
Steve our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Diane Trudeau

Mark, Ottawa said...

If you want to really see a cesspit of comments, look at those at the "Globe and Mail" on almost any story on Afghanistan. Examples here, here, here, and here.

Note that the comments at the "Globe" are "semi-moderated". Lord knows what spew they might not put up. An agenda at work.


ottawarants said...

First i aslo offer my sympathies to mr steve and his family.Second with these bloggers with no class i would say i am shocked but i am not.I have seen to many people with useing no handle but bash other people.

djxtreme said...

Hey Lowell, I just saw this story and thought you mind find it interesting.

Sean McAllister

Anonymous said...

My best wishes to Mr. Madely' wife and I do hope she will recover, and soon.

My sincere thoughts are with their young son, as well as with Mr. Madely - thank you for speaking up for them!

stageleft said...

I know you're new to the blogosphere Lowell (welcome by the way) so let me point out that it is generally considered good form (if you want to be taken seriously) to provide appropriate links to things you're discussing.

Who are these bloggers you talk about? What have they said? Do their comments relate specifically to his family situation?

Point us towards those you are unhappy with, unlike your radio audience (of which I am one by the way) we bloggers are a curious lot and are generally not willing to take (a), (b), or (c) as gospel just because you said it.