Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Democrats are Going Nuts!

The granola crunching, tree hugging thug loving mind is a wonderful thing isn’t it?
Whether here in Canada—or the United States. Progressives they call themselves. Hypocrites is a much more apt description.
Consider this situation with Bristol Palin. She’s the 17-year-old daughter of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. You know the story: She’s unwed and pregnant. Mind you, she’s not going to abort, she’s going to wed the father.

Both of Bristol’s parents say they love their daughter unconditionally and are proud she’s going to have the baby.
The Democrats are going nuts! I actually heard a caller to CNN describe it as “Babygate!” Can you believe it? Babygate!

Here are the Democrats, the American progesssives who fell all over themselves defending a President who’s junior assistant was servicing him on her knees, upset over a 17-year-old unwed mother.

Bill Clinton—President of the United States of America—married man—father-- having oral sex with that woman—Miss Lewinski—in the Oval Office of the White House and that’s okay with the progressives. But a 17-year-old gets pregnant, announces she will keep the baby and marry the father and it’s “Babygate” for heaven sakes.

And it’s even worse than that! Fact is the “progressives” had already begun a whisper smear campaign claiming that Sarah Palin’s four-month-old son Trig, born in April with Down’s Syndrome, was actually Bristol’s son. Vicious smears the left here in Canada and the United States are so adept at.

Surely you recall all the stories still floating about here in Ottawa about Stephen Harper’s “hidden agenda”. The Liberals here in Canada are complaining today about the Conservatives radio and TV adds apparently having forgotten the ones which claimed Harper was going to buy aircraft carriers.

Typical though isn’t it?
President Bill Clinton getting his jollies in the White House is just, well you know, boys being boys (ditto his bare faced lies about it).
On the other hand, a Republican’s 17-year-old daughter gets pregnant and it’s "babygate"!!!
And of course—as usual—the drive by media in both countries—sucks it all up and spits it all out-

I’ve got a new word for you---“Leftygate”.


Grace said...


It certainly is no surprise to me that the left are foaming at the mouth over Bristol Palin's pregnancy.

It was embarrasing to watch the femi-nazis fall all over themselves defending Bill Clinton's "mistake".

I applaud the Palin family for supporting Bristol. I would do exactly the same. It is very clear that the "progressive' feminists and lefties definition of choice does not include respecting a young woman's decision to have her baby and marry the child's father.


eggman3123 said...

It's the typical left wing spin that the media puts on any type of news...if you can call a pregnant 17-year old news..
A example of this bias was the Globe and Mail article the other day telling people "Greenland ice sheet melting faster than predicted, report says".


I'm tired of the media trying to "spin" news, or make it...

Can we please have people report the news?

Marc said...

One more proof that there is a double standard, and that the media is mostly left leaning, especially here in Canada.

Socialist minded people seem to be upset that the Republicans have nominated a woman, they say is "inexperienced" to be John McCain's running mate, and that merit/experience should be the only factor to be considered... talk about a flip!
I wonder if they all are supporters of "affirmative action".

And in Canada, I am amused to hear the mainstream media, the opposition leaders and some people, complaining that Stephen Harper wants to call an election now, when "no one wants one".

I kept hearing all summer about Stephane Dion criss crossing Canada, trying to sell his green tax, and commenting how he will bring down the government in the fall, how they were ready and that's what Canadians wanted (the green shift tax), and Layton/Duceppe pushing for an election since last year...

Glad to see the media has a very short memory, or should I say, a "selective" memory.

Stephen Harper called Dion's bluff and I am glad. We will see if Canadians really "want" the green shift tax after all...


deneb said...

Lowell, speaking of sleazy "progressives" one can't forget about Mister John Edwards. The guy's wife is terminally ill yet he finds the short time she has left to do the "progressive" thing.

There are two types of "leftism" in the world": The Che Guevara type who are at least fighting for the poor and oppressed of their land. However one might detest their politics, at least this variety has somewhat of a noble cause.

Then you have the spoiled brat socialist, the whiners who are not wont of their next meal, infact, this type are often well to do elites, overly educated in the fluffy and lacey disciplines of "social science" -- as if societal studies could ever be a science. Their ambition is to feed their egos and their bellies with the flesh of hard working taxpayers. They are a lowly and selfish creature and they must never be mistaken for those other socialists who have a cause (however insane and destructive it might be).

The term "progressives" is apt as it serves to distinguish the spoiled brat socialist from the left of third world nations. The progressive is often afflicted with a personality disorder and everybody around them are forced to share their suffering.

One way to tell a progressive from the conscientious leftist is to set a labourious task before the two. The leftist will often get the job done, provided that you won't profit from the enterprise, whereas the progressive will not lift a finger, and yet find a way to bill you for the non-work.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

A lot of American women are going to identify with the Palin family's personal struggles.

Perhaps that's what the Democrats are really worried about.

Anonymous said...

Right on!

And that does not even begin to cover the outrage I feel over the criticism that Ms. Palin caused her baby's down syndrome by not taking good care of herself while pregnant! Why? Because her water broke while she was giving a speech....


Patently untrue (down syndrome is genetic - it occurs at conception), these people who pretend to fight for a woman's right to treat her body any way she wants to are the first to sling mud at a woman, saying she was 'pregnant wrong'.

What is with their brains (their consciences are obviously not connected)?

MarBou said...


In case you haven't been reading the REAL news, Sarah Palin is getting it from the Christian right who say that Mrs Palin hasn't taught her daughter the joys of abstinence. The Democrats have remained relatively silent since Obama told them that family was off limit.

I find your Bill Clinton - Monica Lewinsky 10 year old argument rather weak. Which is worse? Being serviced by an intern on her knees in the oval office or giving orders that result in the killing of over a million Iraqui, many of whom were women and children?

Vladtepesblog.com said...

marbou over a million Iraqis? You must be referring to Saddam then as he is the only one that approximates that number of Iraqis killed. As Americans don't vote for Iraqi dictators, not even Iraqis did in any meaningful way, I don't see the relevance.

djxtreme said...

In the world we live in today it is getting harder to discover just what is the truth. It depends on what newspaper, radio program, or tv news show you get your information from, rarely is it the same. I think news should be news, and the "opinions" of those reporting it should be kept seperate. As for the "babygate" sounds like theyy are learning from Canadian Liberals.

artarcher272 said...

It is amazing that the loonie left is the same no matter what country you go to.
John McCain is a very smart crafty old fart and he knew what he was doing when he picked his running mate.
Mrs. Palin is a very smart down to earth person, a real person, not a pretend made up front like so many of the demicrates.
I believe that the idea behind the pick, is to bring over some of the women that supported Hillery as not all of them will go to Obama.

djxtreme said...

Iv'e started a new Facebook Group today and invite any to join and spread the word to stop Dion from destroying our Country..