Friday, September 5, 2008

Media Bias Where It Doesn't Belong

Tell me what you see wrong with this picture:

1) Anyone can walk into any one of the 33 public libraries in Ottawa and borrow, absolutely free of charge, not only books, but newspapers, magazines, DVD’s, video games, the latest movies and of course spend as long as they like on the free internet.
2) If you have difficulty getting to a library, someone will visit your home, interview you to learn what kinds of materials you like, then have them delivered absolutely free of charge to your home.
3) If you are a drug addict, not only can you obtain as many free needles and or crack pipe materials as you ask for, but we have three full-sized vans which can deliver the items to your home.
4) If you throw the needles onto your neighbour’s yard or into a local playground, we pay a small army of people to clean up the dangerous mess.
5) Ottawa’s police chief is bouncing from fundraising event to fundraising event in a desperate attempt to get enough money to open and operate a youth drug treatment center. Yesterday he was at a “Raising the Roof” fundraising event at the soon to be demolished Congress Center where Minto executive vice president Greg Rogers announced a donation of $150,000 in start up money. Chief Vern White says he’s on a mission to raise 6 million dollars.

So I ask again—what’s wrong with this picture?

Free books-free magazines-free movies and video games—free internet service as well—free needles—free crack pipe crap—but our police chief has got to spend almost every spare moment trying to raise enough money to start and operate a drug treatment center.

There’s a very interesting letter to the editor of the National Post this morning from Bob Manders of Toronto. He writes, and sadly it appears that Bob Manders is correct, from coast to coast in Canada and the United States, and probably throughout Europe as well, the so-called feminists are screaming bloody murder. And if they are not protesting, they sure as heck aren’t coming to the defence or support of Governor Sarah Palin. Some of the comments are downright, sorry to use the phrase, “catty.” A female columnist in the Ottawa Sun yesterday talked about go-go boots, comments about Governor Palin’s hair style are rampant, and it’s not just women of course.

We’re all aware of the manner in which commentators like Wolf Blitzer of CNN absolutely salivated over 17-year-old Bristol Palin’s pregnancy.

CBC’s Neil Macdonald claimed that Ms. Palin had once belonged to the separatist Alaska Independence party. Turns out it was Mr. Palin who once belonged to the party many years ago.

One of the worst comments surely is that of John Doyle of the Globe and Mail who positively sniffed with distain describing Ms Palin and her family as quote a bunch of “Alaskan hillbillies”.

What’s going on here?

The National Post this morning says, “We see Sarah Palin as nothing less than a true feminist heroine -- a woman who's lived the elusive supermom dream of combining power and privilege with a large, loving family. In a more thoughtful age, feminists would have adopted her as a great success story. But because she fights on the wrong side of the culture wars -- which is to say, the one that values unborn children and human freedom -- today's left calls her a "hillbilly" and turns up its nose. We in Canada like to see ourselves as more enlightened than our American neighbours when it comes to social issues. So here's a question:Where's our Sarah Palin? Where's our confident, brash, game-changing female politician taking the media by storm?”
Probably because the left wing media in this country just wouldn’t allow it.

And talking about the left wing media… I’m starting to call them out.

Start with the Ottawa Citizen this morning. The Citizen runs six letters to the editor, five of which are opposed to Stephen Harper.

Now it could be that in fact letters to the Citizen are running five to one against Harper. That’s possible, but somehow I doubt it very much. Sure most callers to my program support Harper, I don’t pretend to be unbiased in my comments.

But I will tell you this: If I get a caller opposed to Harper, he or she will go right to the top of the list. There is no way I would attempt to keep their opinions off the air, in fact, earlier this week I offered Liberals (or anyone) a full two minutes and 15 seconds uninterrupted to extol the virtues of Stephan Dion.

What do you think? Is the Citizen being as balanced and fair as we are here on this show? Do you believe that letters to the editor of the Citizen are running five to one against Harper? Is the Citizen displaying a very clear bias and shutting out opposing views on one of its best read features?


Thermblog said...

Well of course the media is biased against Sarah Palin. She has a degree in JOURNALISM and refuses to conform.

artarcher272 said...

We all know the media is biased against conservatives and has been ever since I can remember. I don't watch the CBC because of their one sided reporting. It is a shame that our national television broadcaster is so lopsided. If the conservatives get back in with a majority, they should cut funding for the CBC and let them make it on their own just like the other networks do. I have also stopped buying the Ottawa citizen for the same reason. For any good news coverage, we have to go south to our American friends and even there we see the goofy lefties heavily into the media. I want the news, not and editorial comment on the news, where do I get that?

djxtreme said...

Bias? where? You mean the fact that the news is twisted and distorted so that it appears a certain way? I thought that was journalistic fraud, and the norm here in Canada. News should be the facts, and leave opinions for editorials. WE are smart enough to decide for ourselves what to think of the facts.

Marc said...

Lowell, I am full agreement with you about the media bias. I can clearly see how some media will very selectively run or twist some stories, while completely omitting others..
The most frustrating thing is that most people just don't see it and take whatever is published or televised, at face value and never question it. Unfortunately, in the last decade, I've have seen the media become quite a powerful "opinion maker/manipulator", and unlike in the US, where you can see both sides, here in Canada, it's mostly the "left" or what they call themselves "center" (in other words: left!) who have the monopoly of news.
Omission of major stories is just as bad as lying about it, in my view.
One example: the last Provincial election, where the media fully concentrated on John Tory's school "story", while completely ignoring what Dalton McGuinty lied or completely flip flopped on. I knew halfway throughout that campaign that the Liberals would win again, without even trying.. And they did.
As far as Sarah Palin goes, if she was the Vice President nominee for the Democrats, it would be complete opposite reporting from the media.
She would be someone I'd vote for (especially compared to Joe Biden), but then again, what do I know? I am only one of the great Unwashed!


deneb said...

Where is the reset button?
The spoiled-brat-feminist style socialism is so entrenched in this country, that removing, or even attenuating it is nigh impossible. Consider the flavour of Canada today:

Three major parties to the left, and a 'conservative' government that is, itself a tad left of center, spoiled -brat socialists running our schools from kindergarten to post graduate study, a majority of jouralists and the media far out in left field ... on and on...

There is only one way to reverse this trend and it isn't pretty -- War!

Not a war against the left of course, that would be futile, but a global war, where Canada is very much in the battle. Let us never wish for such a catastrophe.

When life and death issues challenge a western country, the nation either runs further to the left and fades away (Spain) or it transforms to the right, engages its enemies and usually prevails.

Therein lies that reset button, and it might be closer than we think!

Anonymous said...

An interesting fact I came across while reading NewsBusters (a site dedicated to unveiling the liberal bias in the media - US focused): 29% of DEMOCRATS think that the media has a definite anti-Palin bias. Even the Democrats see it!

And, among the 'unaligned' Americans, only about 35% think that the media is trustworthy and unbiased....which is about the same percentage that thinks that Bush is doing a good job!

The MSM is alienating its audience: the 1st symptoms are the tabloidization of their coverage as they get desparate to maintain audiences. But, these are just the last convusions of this mass suicide the mainstream media is comminting!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Interesting post, Lowell. My only suggestion is that if readers see what they interpret to be media bias, that they complain to the source, with letters to the editor, etc.

I don't think anyone disagrees that MSM is generally biased in favour of the left for whatever reason.

But people need to call them up on it and cancel their subscriptions if necessary. And let them know why!

ottawarants said...

1)The needle exchange program etc is really starting to tick me off.These people need treatment they do not need and should not be getting free drug to feed there addication.On another site people are saying thse clincs should be easy for the user to access.These supporters need to get off there high horse and wake up big time.These clinics are not the key we need 150 bed rehab centers.

2)I have family members who smoke in tersm of tobaco.The way there discriminated against is sick.Yet the drug user can do no wrong.

3)The library issue is another sore point with me.I don't make a ton of money but enough.I pay for my own movies/internet etc.On top of that i have to pay for other people to get it all free why should i have to pay.

4)As for mr white it is sick he has to raise the money on his own.

Anonymous said...


About the Police Chief..... Maybe if you would stop propping up our Mayor by being a loyal asskisser to Mr Mayor...

He obviously can't guide the city of Ottawa, council, or the bureaucracy to make any decisions.

ottawarants said...

To Zero Means Zero
The probleam is its a city council.Larry just can't do what he wants.Ontario should be maybe helping out a bit more in ottawa and toronto with funding for rehah centres.

Anonymous said...


Why should Ontario help out when the City of Ottawa is so dysfunctional??? They should maybe get their own house in order instead of always holding out their hands and asking for money....

And if Larry can't do his job, he should leave........

ottawarants said...

To Zero Means Zero
Maybe your not aware how the needle exchange program works.Ontario pays most if not all of the money to run the program in terms of the vans and the needles etc and the staff.At one point the city wanted to can the program.But ontario says no you can cancel it.Yet for the most part very little money is left for the clean up of the needles.The big question is should not ont be paying just as much for the clean up as the needles outs etc.

ottawarants said...

I just want to clear this uo a bit.While ontario does fund some of it i was wrong when i said they fund most of it.I am not sure the amount ontario pays into it.Now i may be wrong about ottawa tried to cancel but what i did read is they did look at canning it but were told they can't.I am not sure who told them they could not if it was ontario govermentwhich at first i thought it was but it does not seem it was them.It aslo might have been if a rehanb centre was in place then they might have got the ok to cancel this program.

treb said...

The citizen is just as bad as CBC.And i,m afraid the Sun is heading in that direction also.Who owns these newspaper chains and how did it get to the point of just about 100% Liberal bias.?